Fox 40 Whistles Sonik Blast CMG with Break Away Lanyard

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The Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Marine Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard has a 2-chamber, 4 resonators, pea-Less design, with 120dB emitting a distinct louder pitch without much effort. The exceptionally clear, loud blast can be heard over long distances and loud noises of the environment. The Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG) is excellent for reliably keeping the whistle in the mouth in wet conditions. It comes with a non-corrosive stainless steel split ring with a breakaway lanyard around your neck that releases with tension. Lanyard is 36" in length by 3/16". Whether you are using the Sonik Blast CMG Marine Whistle for safety or for sporting events this pea-less whistle with cushioned mouth grip is absolute wonderful.

Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, White/Red

UPC: 066143999380, 066143999380, 066143999427, 066143999489, 066143999618

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