Fox 40 Whistles Pearl Whistle With Breakaway Lanyard

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Different, lower tone is ideal for multi-field games! For those who don’t need a piercing shriek, yet want a blast well above man-made and environmental noise. Perfect choice for the elderly and children, or wherever the need for a different sounding whistle exists. - The Fox40 referee whistle has no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate. - A great loud whistle at a great price that comes into use in many situations. - As an example, lifeguards use the Fox 40 Whistle to alert swimmers and sound distress alarms. Coaches in schools use the Fox 40 for many purposes and depend on it working right every time. - Connect it to a Fox40 lanyard or a Fox40 wrist coil for further enhancement and ease of use. - Fox 40 Pearl Whistles - 2-chamber pealess - Fox 40 Pearl Whistles - Sound Power: 90 decibels - Fox 40 Pearl Whistles - Standard choice for personal safety and rescue professionals worldwide - Fox 40 Pearl Whistles

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