Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink #46036, 2.5 Oz

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Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink is a warm red-brown ink that is favored for calligraphy and documental work. A blend of dyes are used in this water-based ink which results in unique undertones when diluted with distilled water for washes. Compatible with dip pens, brushes, airbrushes, and fountain pens. 

Close cap tightly after use. Do not mix with acids, or use as tattoo ink. Not launder-proof. To keep pens in good repair, clean with water or Higgins Pen Cleaner no longer than 1 week after last use. Clean other tools with tap water immediately after use or use Higgins Pen Cleaner for dried ink. Shake well before use as the pigment may settle over time.

Not Waterproof
Lightfast Rating: 3 Fugitive
AP, Conforms to ASTM D-4236
Made in the USA

UPC: 014173369062