Grumbacher Damar Final Varnish for Oil Paintings, 2-1/2 Oz #5692

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Grumbacher Damar Final Varnish imparts a transparent, permanent, high-gloss finish to oil paintings. Processed with pure gum damar, damar varnish protects oil paintings from dirt and scuffing. Damar varnish may also be used in oil medium preparation. Wait at least 6 months after painting has thoroughly dried before applying this as a final varnish. Test before applying to work. Apply varnish in slow, even strokes left to right. Let dry before turning work 90 degrees before re-applying. Varnish can be removed with paint thinner or other mild solvent. When properly used it will not 'bloom', or cloud with age. Made in the USA.

UPC: 014173356376

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